Monday, March 7, 2011

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Risotto alla Zucca

This is the last recipe with pumpkin that place ... Giurin giuretto.

Ingredients: 300 g


200 g of rice carnaroli

70 g of grated smoked caciotta

1 white onion

1 liter of vegetable broth

fillets 2 tablespoons almonds

1 / 2 cup white wine firm

Cut into very small pieces 80 g of pumpkin and fry in hot oil, they must become golden and crisp.

Cut the pumpkin into pieces and let it simmer with the remaining half onion and one tablespoon of oil, has become soft. blender and set aside.

Put oil in pot and onion (finely chopped), add the rice and toast it. Add wine and broth with the help of the lead halfway through cooking the risotto.

Add the pumpkin puree and finish cooking, turn off the stove and stir in the smoked caciotta.

Toast almonds and Serve rice, I recommend to do the wave, complete the dish with bits of fried pumpkin and toasted almonds.


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